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About Rainmaker

banner6RainMaker provides landscape maintenance services for commercial and Home Owner Association (HOA) properties throughout southern Utah. Our mission is to create beauty, efficiency and sustainability in landscaping. Our focus is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our clientele where RainMaker delivers a quality work product, the parties enjoy an open and effective communication and RainMaker is responsive to the specific needs of the client.

RainMaker understands the challenge faced by property owners and organizations such as Home Owners Association in that can be difficult to ascertain whether a potential Maintenance Contractor truly has the commitment, staffing and experience to provide the service you expect.

Here are some elements that distinguish RainMaker All-Season Maintenance from the competition:

• RainMaker’s Owner has been certified as an irrigation auditor by the Irrigation Association and has been certified as a Landscape Technician.

• RainMaker has been providing high quality commercial and residential landscaping services in southern Utah since 1996 and has the skill, competency and experience to do the job.

• In addition to years of landscape maintenance experience, RainMaker maintains Utah licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators on staff to manage the chemical applications involved in professional landscape maintenance. One of the most important elements of pro-active landscape maintenance is expertise regarding chemical usage and application. RainMaker staff is highly skilled in the proper and responsible usage of chemicals and each licensed applicator participates in continuing education to remain up to date on changes in chemical issues and industry information.